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T's & C's

Before Ordering With Us:

1. Before using the 'Add to Cart' button and for pricing of products you will need to at first register with us by using the 'Customer Registration Form'. This needs to be done only once on any one day you shop and before we can process any purchase's you make with us. Once having filled out the form and sent it to us products can be purchased straight away by using the 'Add to Cart' button. The pricing of products will also occur when you 'Add to Cart' ready for you to purchase. When you continue shopping you can check your cart at anytime by using the 'View Cart' button. Registration with us is required by Herbalife before we can complete any transactions you make with us.
Please take me to the
Customer Registration Form NB: The above doesn’t apply when using this our temporary Website


2. By placing an order with us the customer is agreeing to have read and accepted our shopping terms and conditions as set out above and below. This does not affect your statutory rights.

2.1. Once having received your order we process it as quickly as possible. This means that we are unable to make any amendments, or accept cancellations to your order once you have sent/given it to us, Therefore, when ordering please take time to make sure your order is completely correct before sending/giving it to us.

2.2. We deem a transaction to be completed once the customer has agreed their order by paying and sending/giving us the details for their order.

Post & Packing (Shipping):

3. Post & Packing for the UK is charged at a flat rate of £5.00 on all orders up to £149.99. Orders over this purchase price are delivered for free. Please contact us in the first instance for orders outside of the UK.

Delivery and Tracking:

4. DPD couriers deliver your order in the U.K. Delivery is normally within 2 - 3 business days (Monday - Friday) from the day the order is placed with us. Tracking details for your order are normally sent to you from us around 24 hours after receipt of your order. Also, keep a close eye on your email near delivery time, because you will be given the option to change a delivery day between Monday - Friday.

Damaged/Lost Goods:

5. In the unlikely event goods are found to be damaged or any missing when being delivered. It is the customer or their agent* that is responsible for inspecting the goods on there arrival and if any are found damaged, or any missing, then to return all of the goods to the courier without signing for there receipt and to inform us of this action as early as is possible. We do not accept claims for damaged, or missing goods once they have been signed for, or for damaged, or missing goods where they have been left anywhere without a signature at first being obtained by the courier for them. In the event a customer or their agent* instructs the courier; and where the courier accepts the instruction, to leave goods anywhere else other than at the given labelled address or at the given labelled address without a signature at first being obtained by the courier for them. Then the customer or their agent* is accepting full responsibility for taking receipt of the goods from the courier as ordered and in good condition. Whether the goods are later found to be damaged, any missing or have in the meantime been lost.

5.1. Our couriers are instructed not to leave goods without a signature at first being obtained for verification that the goods have been received in full and in an undamaged condition. In the event our courier doesn't receive any answer when they attempt to make a delivery. They then will contact you if they have phone number for you, or leave a note so another delivery or collection day can be arranged. This can be between Monday to Friday excluding bank/public holidays.

5.2. In the event the courier has not been able to deliver and goods have been returned to the couriers distribution depot (see 5.1.). The goods will be held for a reasonable time (at couriers discretion) at the couriers distribution centre awaiting arrangement for another delivery date or collection. Where no arrangements are made and the goods are then returned to the Herbalife Distribution Centre. On notification being received by us from the Herbalife Distribution Centre that the goods have been received by them in the original condition as sent. We will refund to the customer the cost of the products less any shipping and administration* costs that have been incurred by any of the transaction's for the goods having taken place. Goods can also be shipped again at the customers request with the cost of shipping at first being paid by the customer on invoice.

Guarantee & Returns:

6. All of our products have a 30-Day money back* guarantee. In the unlikely event you want to return products, please see the following for how to proceed. In the first instance you will need to contact us for a Return Products Authority (RPA). Once having received this then please safely package the remaining contents of your products in the original containers and return them to us at the address given to you along with your R.P.A. We will not accept returns by any other method. Also, we do not accept damaged or loss of goods in transit. When returning goods we strongly recommend you insure your package(s). Having received returned products correctly packaged as has already been described. We will refund to the customer the cost of the products less any shipping costs that have been incurred by any of the transaction's for the goods having taken place. Herbalife having received products back may contact you themselves about the return of the product's.

*Agent: Someone acting on behalf of the customer with or without their authority. The customer being deemed as the person responsible for giving us the original order in their name and for having the order shipped to their nominated and the goods labeled address.

*Where goods are returned by the courier because of non-delivery there will also be a charge made against administration costs of £6.00.

Last Updated: 17/08/2017